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During my ten years in the design profession, I’ve traversed a diverse career path. Half of this journey was spent within technical centers and small businesses closely associated with industry giants. My roles have spanned the realms of both designer and 3D modeler, offering me a comprehensive view of the design world. The remaining years of my career have been marked by a freelancing lifestyle, taking me across Europe and Asia. It was in the vibrant and dynamic Asian design landscape where my skills as a stylist saw the most significant growth. This period was characterized by relentless work and unwavering commitment.


My business in numbers

A Glimpse into a Decade of Design, Diverse Collaborations, and Creative Adventures Around the Globe

5 Years

Years in Sitges, Barcelona, my creative hub

10+ Countries

Where my design work has left its mark.

100+ Clients

Whose visions I've transformed into reality.

100% Countless Ideas

Brought to life through design, each representing a story.

25 Years of experience in the field

Born in Valencia in 1970, studying high school in Xativa with the “Padres Claretianos” Later he would enter the University of Architecture of the UPV until the third year, Validating subjects, he would pursue a degree in Industrial Designer at CEU San Pablo, “Cardenal Herrera”, Later he would validate subjects by finishing his degree. Industrial Technical Engineer from the Polytechnic of Valencia.

In 98, I started as a modeler and stylist at “Volvo” and “Mercedes”. Later, upon returning to Spain, i would work for “Hispano Suiza”· for two years, among other brands. In a later stage I would dedicate myself almost entirely to modeling design, collaborating with new brands such as “Volskwagen” and “Renault”, in parallel giving style and modeling classes at the Transport Master at the UPV in Valencia and “Pompeu Fabra” Elisava in Barcelona.

I am passionate about 3D modeling in collaboration with design departments. In parallel, I work with engineers to make the models feasible.

Both indoors and outdoors, model in primary concept phases, With great speed or in final phases under strict manufacturing standards.
Sometimes on a “Scan” or from scratch, always following a drawing on an existing package.

This website serves as a showcase of my work as an industrial designer in design centers and as a freelance professional. I firmly believe that, in the ever-changing waves of this industry, a designer must maintain an optimistic attitude, embracing the mantra ‘design is the same as happy things, enjoy the life.’

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