Simon Palau, Leading 3D Design Professional

Throughout my decade-long career, half of it was spent within technical centers and small enterprises affiliated with major brands. I’ve worked as both a designer and a 3D modeler.

The remaining time, I’ve been a freelance professional for various studios both locally and abroad, in Europe and Asia. It was in Asia where…


"The Angel project"

“The Angel project” aims to find its owners among a little explored market, where the big brands have difficulty manufacturing their cars. The lotus seven or super seven sector is restricted to users who personalize their vehicles  but cannot develop cars with the quality of a production car. Users of the lotus seven can see their aesthetic needs rewarded with this immovable  design with sophisticated organic lines that will make you feel like you are in a great little GT…

"Universal Car Battery"

“UCB Universal Car Battery” is an interchange battery system designed to make it easy for the car user to handle and exchange batteries, both at home and at a charging station.

The car’s current battery technology and its wheel-location does not allow the car user to access it as is the case in other areas, for example on bicycles, motorcycles, and universally on millions of household appliances…

Examples from the past and present

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